Morgan Aurora Rose Taylor

Photos from the past twenty weeks
(Posted on 11/26/2014)

Ok, so I've been seriously slacking on this photo posting thing. Twenty weeks have gone by!

The summer wrapped up with a flurry of travel, camping, hiking, and general outdoor good times.
We rolled right into Fall and now the layers and rain gear are out every morning.

Life is kind of hectic these days.
Its dark and wet in the mornings and we rush around to get Morgan to pre-school and Cynthia and I off to work.
I want things to slow down and level out, but they just keep going full speed!

Without further ado:

Misc. Summer Photos

Pirate one day and ballerina the next!
Right: Morgan and Naima outside of the theatre, just before we attended the local ballet company's production of Cinderella.

Look at all those hula hoops!
Let's see... Where's my kid?

Oh. There she is. Hmmm...

Some members of Cynthia's family from California came up to Seattle for Anna's memorial.
Above: Morgan, Cynthia, Sue, Jackie
Below: (Back row) Terry, April, Gabe, Lowell, Chuck; (Front row) Morgan, Cynthia, Jackie, Sue

Vancouver Island

Many of these photos are also on my post from this year's trip to Vancouver Island.

Morgan with her great-grandmothers.

The Thurston County Fair

Millersylvania Camping

We had a great time camping out with the Olympia families at Millersylvania State Park at the tail end of the summer.
Morgan tells em that she had so much fun and wants to do this every summer from now on.
OK, sounds good to me!

Dege Peak

Morgan got her first summit this summer!
More on that here.


Misc. Fall Photos

Morgan traded her Halloween candy (except for 5-6 choice selections) to the Candy Fairy for a fishing pole.
The fishing pole was her idea. She begged for months (since Lake Sylvia, I think) for a fishing pole.

This time of year we visit McClane Creek pretty regularly to watch the salmon spawning.



I hope everyone had a great summer and that your fall is going well thus far.

I'll try to post again before another twenty weeks goes by.
Until then, stay reasonably warm and dry.